Conference speaking, facilitating and workshops

Make your conferences highly ‘entertraining’ events, combining inspiration, learning new creativity tools and techniques. From 20 minute talks (and longer) to devising an entire conference programme on innovation and creativity creativity@work can deliver a solution for you.


‘Conference Brainstorming’ works on the principle that you rarely get opportunities for large numbers of key players together at the same time. Plus their time is valuable – so why not make the most of it by combining briefing of vital information, idea generating, team building, high energy and a memorable event.


We make everyone work tackling a series of key questions. We motivate by inspiring, and sharing practical, effective creativity tools and techniques. We create high energy and also have great fun in these highly rewarding events getting the full contribution from every delegate.


Talks delivered by Andy Green include:

‘Creativity – how to create your own brilliant future’’

‘You are never more than 12ft away from an opportunity’

‘Personal Brandcasting – how to change your world single-handedly’

‘Live problem challenge – work on a delegate’s problem’


Talks delivered by David Taylor

Jump Start Your Creativity

'Awaken the Leader Within'

‘Live problem challenge – work on a delegate’s problem’


Case study:

The Legal Services Commission wanted to engage its staff from different parts of the country to tackle key operational questions. The ‘Conference  Brainstorm’ overcome fears of engaging potentially sceptical team members, resulting in much new thinking, ideas, and a sense of a team coming together to address new challenges.