The study of creativity has largely been dominated by psychologists primarily looking at how individuals came up with ideas. Yet they had difficulty explaining how some ideas were seen as more significant than others, and how an idea at different times or situations could be seen as more creative.

We believe they should be a new subject which we call 'creativology'. It goes beyond the earlier area of study of creativity on how individuals and teams generate ideas, and includes what we call i marketing examining how ideas are given value in their marketplace and i history - studying the factors shaping creative regrowth.

We believe that study of creativity covers three elements:

Creative Outputs

The creative products produced by individuals or teams. This can be labelled C. By understanding how individuals and teams generate creative outputs we can improve and manage their performance.

Creative Outreach

The impact of the creative output on different markets. This can be labelled C2. We define the different processes that work within creativity as the 'Creative Journey', 'Creative Diamond', 'Creative Gearing' and 'Creative Motion', - we couple these with the right tools and techniques, along with on-line and software support - to enable businesses and individuals to be more successful through innovation and creativity.

Creative Growth

Where the value of an idea may change by its context over time or marketplace. This is the ultimate value achieved by creative output. We honour this as C3.

We also define 'innovation' as the use by a third party of someone else's creativity output.