Our own creativitymobile can visit your premises, conference, exhibition or regeneration initiative to offer expert 1:1 creativity consultancy in an informal and unusual setting.

The world’s smallest conference centre – a two-seater car - offers new opportunities for promoting greater inclusivity among staff who are unlikely or may be resistant to a formal training or coaching event..

Visitors to the world’s smallest conference centre can enjoy:

Creativity gym – working on a live problem to spark new ideas.

Creativity clinic – helping individuals overcome the barriers to their individual creativity and flexible thinking to unleash their potential.

Managed maverick – introducing disruptive thinking to identify new ways of doing, radical alternatives – all in a 20 minute session.


The world’s smallest conference centre is used by conference and exhibition organisers to offer new dimensions for outreach activities, taking the show away from the host venue to city centres and any location where we can get our car in!

 The unusual conference facility was launched at the London Design Festival.


Typical problems dealt with include insufficient time, lack of support from colleagues, or too many projects competing for attention, lack of confidence in their own creative abilities or lacking the skills and techniques to effectively create, nurture and exploit new ideas.


Our very own creativity gym is also ideal for exhibitions looking for an unusual attraction - and can also be used for advance photocalls.


The world's smallest centre also offers new dimensions for public sector and health exhibitions for outreach activities to promote greater inclusivity among target audiences who are unlikely to visit formal shows and events.


The world’s smallest conference centre has already visited a number of major international innovation and creativity conferences including the Creative Clusters conference in Belfast and Refuel in Leeds. It is available for hire to companies and organisations, offering experienced creativity consultants who can enable anyone to come up with new ideas.



Case study:

The world’s smallest conference centre provided a new dimension to the London Design Festival’s activities, reaching out from different exhibition activities and reaching audiences ranging from students to key journalists.