Need to get your team together to devise or get their commitment to your strategy and plans for the future?

Our Awaydays achieve great results for teams in both the public and private sectors. They cleverly combine generating new ideas for strategy, tactics, and new ways of doing coupled with great team building, learning new skills - and they’re a lot of fun.

Brainstorm sessions

Have an expert facilitator make sure you get the best results from your team and the opportunity. Avoid wasted, frustrating  brainstorm sessions.

Case study:

NHS Logistics wanted to review their strategic activities for the year ahead. A tailored one day session made full use of key managers valuable time, generated many original ideas and insights, and inspired and motivated the team to transfer the idea generating into actions.

Global Brainstorming

Want to engage different members of your team in different locations – or even different parts of the world? We have devised solutions for major global blue chip companies, creating bespoke ways to facilitate and fully engage different team or network members to meet your needs providing solutions

Case study:

When NCR wanted to engage its team members in a strategic review they faced one difficulty – they were spread in all parts of the globe. Previous teleconferences did not go far enough. By using ‘Global Brainstorming’ our specially designed programme ensured maximum involvement and engagement from everyone.