How to win more new business – creativity tools to give you greater competitive edge’


Partnership with Purpose’ – designed for public sector, partnerships and regeneration teams to build a common purpose, inspire and motivate members who may have varying degrees of commitment and engagement.


Creativity through cartoons’ – teaming up with one of the UK’s leading caricature artists, Ihor Tymchak, even those ‘who cannot draw’ learn through the art of cartooning and illustration how to develop your creative abilities and tackle problems in new, original ways.


You’re never more than 12 feet from an opportunity’ - how to spot the winning ideas, breaks or solutions.


‘Effective and Creative Writing’ – discover great tips and techniques to transform your writing skills and deliver killer copy.


Our popular ‘How to improve your creativity to achieve more with less’ is available in 90 minute segments (we can deliver 4 in a day to cater for staff with limited time), half and full day formats. We train your team to improve their creativity skills and manage the creative dimension in their work.


'Personal Brandcasting' - how each of us can change our world single-handedly by outstanding creativity and communications.