smallest conference centre at national conference


The national conference of the Junior Chambers was held in Wakefield where delegates from all parts of the UK attended the Chamber’s Inspiration Day conference.

The event featured an appearance of the ‘world’s smallest conference centre’ – a two seater car where delegates had individual consultations with creativity expert Andy Green of creativity@work.

Commenting on the conference a Junior Chamber spokesperson said: “The aim of the conference was to provide inspiration for personal development and for building up the activities of the different chambers across the country .

Wakefield Junior Chamber is part of a worldwide organisation of some 250,000 dynamic, like-minded people in over 123 countries who want to gain the most from their business and personal lives. It is a personal development organisation, benefiting the community, business and the individual. For more information log on to

Caption: Andy Green of creativity@work left, and Wendy Jay Jerome, President of JCI Wakefield in the world’s smallest conference centre