World Cup managers reveal real lessons and strategies for business leaders


Are you a Sven, Scolari, Pekerman or a Klinsmann when it comes to your management style?

According to leading creative leadership consultancy creativity@work, the World Cup managers provide either inspiration or profound lessons on how you lead, manage and tackle challenges in your business life.


The World Cup is providing real-life examples of good practise – and not-so-good. By recognising the different styles managers can compare themselves and improve their own performance.


‘Svens’ are characterised by lacking a sense of vision and belief with an introvert style failing to communicate or lead their followers. Failing to adapt and demonstrate these type of managers learn little from past failures, often guilty of sticking too rigidly to old, failed ways and blind to new opportunities and talents at their disposal.


‘Klinsmann’s’, as illustrated by the German coach Jürgen Klinsmann demonstrate how with the right sense of mission and a positive commitment to making the most of opportunities, it is possible to exceed expectations and enjoy success.


These managers demonstrate a strong sense of ‘hibris’ being arrogant in their belief for future success combined with a humility to try new things from unlikely sources.


Portuguese boss Phil Scolari is typical of managers who combine a great sense of passion for their task coupled with tactical flexibility, exploring new ways to achieve goals and make best use of the talents and resources available.


Argentinean coach Jose Pekerman characterises managers who, although enjoy success, can sometime be limited by their hubris – a sense of having believing they have already won, ahead of the final whistle. As a result, they may resort to old-established ways rather than being flexible and responsive to the real needs of the situation.


“The World Cup tournament is a feast of football and provides much food for thought for business managers,” said David Taylor a leading creative leadership coach and consultant with creativity@work. “The different mangers reveal very clear lessons and different strategies for all in business to learn from. The fundamental lesson is to be flexible and respond to live challenges and opportunities.”


He added: ”Many England supporters are obviously disappointed how their team performed. Yet the old adage, ‘if you keep doing the same thing you get the same results’, is sadly so obvious.”


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