‘Moos of the world’ broadcast to symbolise world peace


The sound of cows from around the world are being broadcast across the Wakefield skyline in a new art installation to symbolise world peace at the Wakefield Media Centre – Britain’s only moo-ing building –and home to creativity@work.

Created by Californian audio sculpturist Jay Jones, the new work, called ‘Moos of the World’, broadcasts the sound of different cows from all parts of the globe to get over a message about humanity, tolerance, and celebrating diversity.


The cows are broadcast at five minutes before the hour – just ahead of Wakefield’s other major audio sculpture – the sound of the Town Hall clock chiming.


The new work replaces the artist’s earlier work ‘Countryside?:La vache francaise’ which broadcasts the sound of two cows moo-ing across the Wakefield skyline as a work of art to challenge people’s perceptions on the media, communications and propaganda.


Jay Jones, from San Francisco draws upon his lifetime experience of working in electronics and sound to inspire his works.


The audio sculpture is aiming to lead a new trend for more dynamic buildings which inter-act with their environments not just visually, but also by using multiple experiences and languages.


The Wakefield Media Centre is also home to the Art of Propaganda gallery which has featured a range of challenging and thought-provoking exhibitions on subjects ranging from the profound, such as ‘Images of Auschwitz’ commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Nazi death camp’s liberation, through to posing questions such as ‘Does Yorkshire Exist?’ and a seasonal exhibition on the ‘Twelve Propaganda Myths of Christmas’ to the more offbeat subjects of ‘Join Me’ on how leading comedy writer Danny Wallace created a worldwide personal cult and ‘Was the Moon landing a conspiracy?’


The Wakefield Media and Creativity Centre provides a focal point for the creative and media industries for the Wakefield district, featuring exhibition and public meeting facilities, office accommodation for media industry companies, as well as acting as a catalyst for encouraging business development in the media industries sector.


The Centre is already home to leading public relations and marketing consultancy GREEN communications, internet developer eleventeenth, and Lime Brand design.


The Media Centre development has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund.



For further details please contact Andy or Ian Green of Wakefield Media Centre on 0845 450 3210 or e mail andy@greencomms.com



Background details on Jay Jones

Jay Jones is based in San Francisco, California. He has a lifetime experience of working in electronics and sound. A rock musician, he has specialised in sounds with an emphasis on drums and rhythms.