World’s smallest conference centre celebrates first birthday


The ‘world’s smallest conference centre’ is celebrating its first birthday by taking part in the London Design Festival and hitting the road in the London to Brighton Smartcar rally

In its first year the world’s smallest conference centre – a two-seater car- has appeared at international conferences, national shows, exhibitions, and community regeneration events around the UK.


The ‘creativitymobile’ has even managed to squeeze three female Australian delegates in it at one time, while one delegate in Belfast even succeeded in losing their umbrella in the vehicle.


The centre features creativity experts from creativity@work at the wheel offers free consultations including creative gym sessions working on anyone’s live problems, creativity clinics addressing how you can be a more creative person, and also ‘managed maverick’ reviews to think up completely new ways of doing.


The unusual conference facility was devised by Wakefield-based consultancy creativity@work. The firm provides a range of awayday services, flexible thinking training, idea facilitating, and conference events to help people use creativity to achieve more with less. It has worked for a number of community initiatives across the UK as well as for major international blue chip companies.


The vehicle will be touring around various locations in the capital as part of the London Design Festival.


Later, the car will be joining a thousand cars in what is expected to be the country’s most compact traffic jam in the London to Brighton Smartcar rally on Sunday September 24th finishing at the Brighton Racecourse.


Typical creativity problems dealt with in the centre include coping with insufficient time, lack of support from colleagues, or too many projects competing for attention, poor brainstorming, lack of confidence in their own creative abilities or lacking the skills and techniques to effectively create, nurture and exploit new ideas..


Commenting on their vehicle for creativity Andy Green of creativity@work said: “It may not be the Royal Albert Hall, but then again, the Albert Hall doesn’t have wheels on, and can’t get around to local communities and city centres across the UK like we can!”


He added: “The smallest conference centre is a serious product to extend the outreach and inclusivity of any community initiative and consultation scheme.”


The London Design Festival is the capital’s premiere showcase for the most exciting creative talents working in the UK. The 2006 Festival covered interests from across the design spectrum including fashion to creative writing, interiors, graphics, furniture, branding, products, innovation, textiles, architecture, manufacturing to digital design, as well as incorporating food, sustainability and inclusive design.