Twixtmas is the time to get creative for busy managers


The ‘Twixtmas break’ – the period between Christmas and New Year (December 26-31) – is the most critical time of the year to recharge your creative resources according to a leading creativity expert.

Managers however need to avoid getting bogged down in the usual indolence, sloth or shopping while away from work to take full advantage of the potential boost to their business creativity.


According to Andy Green of creativity@work the informal ‘Twixtmas’ break between December 26th and 31st provides a rare opportunity to boost creative thinking as it combines a rare relief from the phone calls or e mails as many other business either closed or very quiet. This is coupled with the prospect of a new calendar year to invite fresh challenges and different ways of doing.


By harnessing the Twixtmas break managers can enjoy what Andy Green calls ‘quality incubation time’, to reflect on complex or fuzzy issues, see the big picture away from the daily nose to the grindstone pressures, recharge their batteries and nurture those big ideas for 2008.


Key tips to help managers gain the full benefit from Twixtmas and boost their creative potential include;


·         Identify very specific questions or problems which need answers and forget about them while you enjoy the holiday festivities. By framing a question it provides a specific brief for your subconscious to work on the challenge. Taking your mind off the subject enables you to avoid over-focussing on the issue and allows your brain to explore different angles and opportunities.


·         Stimulate your brain with new experiences to enable you to provide fresh stimulus – and avoid being swamped or overwhelmed in indolence or mundane shopping.


·         Balance your diet over the holiday period remembering to drink plenty of water to hydrate the brain and eat what you want, but eat slowly and stop you are full. Remember, it is OK to leave food on your plate.


·         Introduce some disruptive thinking – ideas and thoughts radically different never normally entertained. Recognise you have valuable time away from the office and enjoy the freedom to explore new ways of thinking.


·         Establish 10 goals for the New Year to provide a focus your newly-charged creativity and to create a framework to measure your success in reaching where you want to be in 2007.


·         Capture what Andy calls your ‘illuminations’ – the ideas out of the blue – otherwise they are quickly forgotten.


“The 21st century manager has unprecedented pressures and distractions getting in the way of their thinking.” said Andy Green of creativity@work.” It is vital, if they want to succeed in 2008 and be original, strategic, or inspirational, and finding new ways of doing managers need to take full advantage of the Twixtmas break.”


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