Dubai latest landmark for creative globetrotter


A globetrotting creativity expert has completed his travels for the year working in Dubai, having clocked up over 40,000 miles over the last 12 months.

Andy Green, a partner with Wakefield-based creativity@work and GREEN communications, travelled to transform the flexible thinking, creativity and communication skills of managers in the United Arab Emirates.


This was the latest international trip for Andy who earlier this year completed a three-week tour across Australia, visited Croatia to launch the Croatian version of his book ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and also lectured in Norway, and Dublin as well as every part of the UK.


In previous years Andy has shared his creativity insights in China, the United States, Egypt, and France.


Andy is regarded as an international expert on creativity with his works including ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ - the world’s first book on the subject. Now in its third edition, the book has also been translated in to Russian, Indonesian, Chinese and Polish. 


He has also written ‘Effective Personal Communication Skills’, also published by Kogan Page. He is co-author of ‘A minute with Tony Blair’ produced after a chance encounter with the former Prime Minister.


Andy is the driving force behind the Wakefield Media Centre – which is believed to be Britain’s only moo-ing building. He also runs the world’s smallest conference centre -a two seater car - which drives to communities to help people come up with creative ideas to overcome their challenges.


Commenting on his globe trotting year tour Andy said: “It is good to put Yorkshire and the UK on the map as a leading centre for creativity.”