New book inspires you to be a green shoot


A highly topical new book argues how each of us is a potential green shoot in any economic upturn, but the first step is to change your thinking

‘The Upturn: your part in its rise’ by creativity expert Andy Green gives readers the tools for thinking more flexibly, and to think flexibly faster to enable you to seize what Andy calls ‘Golden Swan’ opportunities.


The book describes how in the age of disruption, where no one knows what is going to happen next, the only certainty you have is yourself; your own capabilities and creative thinking – your resourcefulness.


If the global economic recession is making you depressed, feeling helpless, or wanting to give up, the book aims to help you to do something about it. The tough don’t need to just get going. They need to get going faster.

To adapt a Latin phrase, this book enables you to ‘Carpe Disruption’ – seize the disruption, so you can play your part in the upturn.

Creative thinking expert Andy Green provides an entertaining, inspirational yet practical book. It aims to boost your sagacity and opportunity-spotting skills. It equips you to think flexibly, and think flexibly faster, so you can overcome negatives and harness potential positives, including what Andy calls ‘Golden Swans’.


The book is in three parts: part one covers the context of what Andy labels ‘the age of disruption’, part two provides a five step model on how to think flexibly, and part three features a five step model on how to think flexibly faster.


“If ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a ‘feelgood movie’ - with its story of renewal and creating a better future- then this is a ‘feelgood book’.” says Andy Green. “Every one is a potential green shoot in any economic upturn. The fundamental first step is to start thinking differently, and this book is a toolkit to help you do this.”


‘The Upturn: your part in its rise’ by Andy Green is priced £9 and is available from Tangent Books