Great response from Scottish events


Recent presentations in Scotland by creativity@work’s Andy Green have been warmly received.

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Local Public Services Group conference in Edinburgh, Andy shared insights on all of us can use the economic downturn to create new opportunities, using material from his new book ‘The Upturn: your part in its rise’.


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Andy also presented to the CIPR Scotland Group to an audience of the country’s leading PR professionals.


His talk, ‘Meme Judo + Spin is Innocent OK!’ highlighted new material from the forthcoming fourth edition of his book ‘Creativity in Public Relations’.


Andy emphasised the need for communications to creatively be ‘meme-friendly’ to enhance their potential for successful word of mouth transmission.


The talk also posed the question of whether the brand of ‘public relations’ needs an overhaul or be redefined.


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Andy Green regularly speaks at conferences sharing his insights, experiences and tips on creative communications.