‘Carpe disruption’ - change your thinking


Although the economy is technically out of recession managers cannot go back to a ‘business as normal’ mentality but need to change their way of thinking and doing, to speed-up the rate of the economic upturn and create more green shoots of recovery, claims a leading creativity expert.

Speaking at the formal launch of his new book, ‘The Upturn: your part in its rise’ at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Andy Green urged businesses to ‘Carpe disruption’ and seize their ‘Golden Swan’ opportunities to become their own green shoot of recovery.


By changing your thinking he believes, you can change your situation, to spot opportunities, seize new chances, and better respond to the changing world around you.


He highlights how the recession has had both a direct impact on the level of economic activity, but has also masked and accentuated underlying trends for outsourcing, automation, the growth of the internet, and ‘Tesconomics’ - the move away from high street shops to superstores. Each of these can have a negative or positive effect depending on the resourcefulness of managers.


In an age of disruption by seizing what Andy calls ‘Golden Swan’ opportunities, businesses can contribute to both their own success and help the wider economy.


An example of a ‘Golden Swan’ featured in the book is the opportunity presented by the BBC TV series ‘Gavin and Stacey’ for the Welsh tourist resort of Barry Island, which in Mr. Green’s view, has failed to fully capitalise on being featured in the award-winning programme. The benefits of national television publicity came about by chance, but you need to be alert and responsive to a Golden Swan to take full advantage of its potential.


Andy argues the best response for managers is not positive thinking, but to adopt more flexible thinking – harnessing more effectively both pessimistic and optimistic thoughts.


Managers can become more resourceful by adopting an 80:20 rule of seeking to do 80% of their activities quicker-faster-cheaper-dirtier, to drop unhelpful, costly or time-wasting habits, while creating time and space to spot and seize new opportunities.


“Companies and organizations cannot go back to business as ‘normal’ – the world has changed dramatically and moved on.” said Andy Green. “Each of us has the choice to create our own green shoot, do something constructive to make a better future for ourselves. The fundamental first step is to start responding to the world differently by adopting more flexible thinking.”


‘The Upturn: your part in its rise’ by Andy Green is priced £9 and is available from Tangent Books www.tangentbooks.co.uk





Andy Green is a leading expert and author on creativity and flexible thinking skills and opportunity spotting.


His latest book, ‘The Upturn: your part in its rise’ shows how each of us is a potential green shoot in the upturn in the age of disruption, but we need to think flexibly, and think flexibly faster to make the most of what Andy calls ‘Golden Swan’ opportunities.


Andy is the author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’, the world’s first book on the subject, now in its third edition and translated into Russian, Chinese, Polish, Indonesian, Croatian, Latvian and Korean. (The fourth edition is planned for 2009)


His book, ‘Effective Personal Communications’, coined the term ‘personal brandcasting;. although there are hundreds of self development books on how each of us are personal brands, non demonstrate how you communicate your brand.


Andy is also co-author of ‘A minute with Tony Blair’, inspired by a chance meeting he had with the former British Prime Minister, which demonstrates how set backs, or things going wrong, can provide you with your best opportunities.


His book ‘Overcome Stupidity in the World Around You – the Stupid Aid Survival Guide’ demonstrates to any one who thinks the world is more stupid - or wants to overcome bureaucratic thinking - how creative flexible thinking is the nemesis of stupidity.


Andy is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and recipient of the Institute’s Sir Stephen Tallents medal for services to the profession. He is a partner with his own award-winning brand and public relations agency GREEN communications and also founder of creativity@work, a specialist creative thinking skills agency, and the Flexible Thinking Forum.


Each January he demonstrates how to turn a negative into a positive with his worldwide campaign marking ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. He is also campaigning to establish ‘Twixtmas’ – the period between Christmas and New Year - as a recognised holiday for making the world a better place.


He inspires his audiences to transform their work, generate new ideas, or new insights to achieve more less, to work faster, cheaper or better. He is also an all round fun person presenting in an engaging style bringing great empathy, humour and honesty to his events.


Andy’s media profile includes numerous TV appearances for BBC, ITV, BBC Five Live, Sky News and various international media.


Andy flippantly describes himself as ‘a mini global celebrity in a micro niche’ and has delivered events for Microsoft in Seattle, E Bay in Paris, the UK Government (Dept. of Health, Environment Agency), Etisalat in Dubai, Pace plc, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, various state governments across Australia, numerous UK universities including Cambridge and Warwick, the British Council in Cairo, the Chartered Institutes of Public Relations and Marketing.