Help To Overcome The Most Depressing Day Of The Year Launched


Predictions that January 24th is the most depressing day of the year has sparked leading creativity experts to launch a counter offensive to banish the blues.

By simply adopting a five point action plan you can transform the potentially worst day of the year into a new start and opportunity to achieve great things, claims creativity consultancy creativity@work.

The move follows the prediction by a university study* forecasting January 24th as being the worst day of the year, based on a formula combining the effects of the weather, debts after Christmas spending sprees, and people depressed by failing to keep New Year’s resolutions.

Yet by managing the way you think you can help yourself overcome potential low points and make your brain come up with new ideas, spot opportunities and inspire both yourself and others around you.

According to creativity expert and lifestyle coach David Taylor you just need to adopt a five point game plan of:

· Recognising that you can only be responsible for yourself and your responses to what you experience – you cannot control what others say and do. Successful people are characterised by being accountable for their lives and seeing that it is up to them to tackle the problems they face.

· Put the work in to develop resourceful states and beliefs. Successful, happy people identify what they want and then take massive action to create it. They will also get supportive friends and colleagues to support them. Don’t be a ‘lone ranger’!

· Change the way you look at things. There is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothing. By identifying the positive in a situation you can build upon this and create new things.

· Look beyond the immediate situation. “Unlucky” people keep their nose to the grindstone and fail to spot opportunities that surround us all.

· Celebrate each day and see it as a precious opportunity to make the most from. Perceive every day as your birthday and that your life is a 4,000 week holiday. Enjoy it!

Reflecting on the battle to beat the New Year blues David Taylor added: “Next Monday will be the most depressing day - if you let it. Yet, you are never more than 12 feet from an opportunity and each of us has phenomenal potential to achieve great things – even on January 24th.”


creativity@work enables organisations to unleash their creative potential by providing a range of training, facilitating and coaching services. The company organizes Share Ideas Day on September 12th – a celebration of how each of us can use creativity to make the world a better place. The firm is headed up by Andy Green, author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’, the world’s first book on the subject and business partner, David Taylor, a leading personal development coach. Further details and advice can be found at the web site:

*Study by Dr. Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University