Longest Lasting Brainstorming Appeal


Is there a David Brent-style brainstorm at your office? The search is on for Britain’s worst-run, longest lasting brainstorms.

According to creativity consultancy creativity@work the current record is held by a London public relations firm which spent 1½ days, in contrast to a recommended 25 minutes, in its very own office nightmare.

Now the creativity firm is appealing to brainstorm-weary managers to find out what the record is for a brainstorming session along with any other ‘creativity howlers’, with the offer of a free training course for the record-breaking nominations.

The appeal is being made as the UK ‘Ultimate Brainstorming for Results Tour’ gets underway which features an intensive two hour super-training session which is sponsored by Polo mints.

The tour features Britain’s top creative venues taking in London’s Groucho Club, Glasgow’s Mailmaison,. Brighton Media Centre, Manchester’s ‘The Lowry’, and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

The sessions have been designed to overcome the frustration felt by 94% of British managers* who complain of time wasted in over-long, poorly structured and pointless brainstorming sessions, yet recognise the need to generate new ideas to save costs or improve service in their work.

The course enables delegates to get more out of their brainstorming, generate outstanding ideas, save time, reduce anxiety and achieve results. The two hour courses are designed to accommodate managers’ major complaint about training – that it takes too much time and keeps them away from their workplace.

Delegates also receive a Creativity Toolkit containing full training manual, ‘creativity guru’ T-shirt along with free post-course consultancy, free software for the first 15 delegates at each event, and of course, Polo mints, courtesy of the tour sponsor.

Tickets for the Ultimate Brainstorming for Results are £145 plus VAT or £95 plus VAT for 2 or more delegates.

The UK brainstorming tour is organised by creativity consultancy creativity@work. The company has an extensive track record of enabling major blue chip companies such as L’Oreal and Ford Motor Company to improve individual creative skills and their staff’s ability to manage the creative dimension in their work.

creativity@work was the organiser of Share Ideas Day on September 12th. The company was founded by Andy Green, author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’, the world’s first book on the subject, and co-author of ‘A minute with Tony Blair’

Further details are available from creativity@work, telephone 01924 886355.