Spark and Torch


Use our 'Spark and Torch' service working with your team tackling a project or task. Through sharing and using our creative processes and tools on a live issue will also improve your skills - a win win gain.

Want something specific to your needs? We provide tailor-made solutions for different industries and sectors to:

Create tools and systems to help individuals and your company to be more creative

Make changes to the workplace to assist creativity

Facilitate 'Awaydays'

Mentor programmes


Develop your organisational culture and infrastructure to be more creative

We can help you in all areas of work to provide:

Help for specific projects or tasks

Market differentiation

Cost reductions

Open up new markets, develop new products, or help your organisation to see the world in a different way

A creative state of mind to be receptive to, and develop new opportunities

Ostriches when faced with danger bury their heads in the sand; the fact they cannot see their threat re-asures them. They are not the only animal that confuse keeping yourself in the dark with action. Get in touch now and find out how we can help you improve your creativity and innovation skills.