Keynote speaker at Healthcare conference

Andy Green will be a keynote speaker at the Association for Healthcare Communications and Marketing’s annual conference held at the Belfry, near Birmingham this week.


Open courses on creativity at CIPR

Want to improve your creative abilities, or your creative writing skills or how you can manage the creative PR team?
A range of open training courses delivered by Andy Green are now offer through the Chartered Institute of Public Relations autumn programme of training workshops.


Extra day added to Edinburgh Festival Show

An extra day has been added to the ‘One Man Pecha Kucha’ show by creativity expert Andy Green at the first Edinburgh International Marketing Festival, where he brings his talk to different workplaces in the Scottish capital.


Ghana visit by Green

Andy Green was a keynote speaker at the 3rd International Public Relations Congress held in Accra, Ghana.


Bulgaria tour for creativity expert

Andy Green is Bulgaria bound – doing a weeklong tour of creativity events in the country’s capital Sofia.


World Cup - great creativity opportunity

The forthcoming World Cup is an outstanding opportunity to boost your creativity and come up with great new ideas according to a leading creativity expert Andy Green.


York conference for Green

Aiming to inspire and provide practical tools for success is the ‘New Thinking in Leadership’ conference at York St. John Business School featuring creativity@work’s Andy Green.


Don’t throw the brainstorming out with the bathwater

News that a study by Texas A&M University that brainstorming could be counter-productive is welcome in at least bringing the subject of how you go about creating ideas under the spotlight.


‘Carpe disruption’ - change your thinking

Although the economy is technically out of recession managers cannot go back to a ‘business as normal’ mentality but need to change their way of thinking and doing, to speed-up the rate of the economic upturn and create more green shoots of recovery, claims a leading creativity expert.


Beat ‘Blue Monday’ – the year’s most depressing day on January 18th

Help to overcome what is labelled ‘the most depressing day of the year’ - Blue Monday on Monday January 18th - is being made to raise both people’s spirits and vital funds for worthy causes.


Getting creative in ‘The Times’

Offering valuable tips for successful brainstorming is Andy Green, who provided expert tips on ‘How to Brainstorm’ in a news article on Times Online (January 13, 2010)


Great response from Scottish events

Recent presentations in Scotland by creativity@work’s Andy Green have been warmly received.


Creatives get business planning

A special new programme to help managers of creative businesses manage their businesses more effectively has been designed by creativy@work.


New book inspires you to be a green shoot

A highly topical new book argues how each of us is a potential green shoot in any economic upturn, but the first step is to change your thinking


Huddersfield Town FC appoint creativity coach

Huddersfield Town FC has become the first football club to appoint its own creativity expert to help generate new ideas as part of its recently launched development strategy.


‘Beat Blue Monday’

What better example of creative thinking than turning the day described ‘as the most miserable of the year’ into a positive opportunity.


New seasonal holiday – ‘Twixtmas’ - aims to change your world

Demonstrating creative thinking, five leading charities are getting behind a campaign to put a new name on the holiday calendar - ‘Twixtmas’ (December 27th -31st) - and transform the time between Christmas and New Year to encourage everyone to do at least five things to change their world.


‘Outside the wheelie bin thinking’ needed to tackle ‘Green Gestapo’

A leading creativity expert is offering his services free to the waste industry to help encourage what he calls ‘outside the wheelie bin thinking’.


Creativity talk for Wakefield business community

Unleashing the power of creativity for business success is the theme of a special event for the Wakefield business community featuring creativity@works’ Andy Green.


Ireland goes Green for creativity

A leading UK creativty expert is doing a tour of Ireland to encourage creative thinking.


Northern Design Competition

Helping the future generations of creative talent in the North was creativity@work's Andy Green where he was invited as a special guest lecturer to inspire young delegates who have entered the Northern Design Competition 2008.


7 ½ ways to transform your creativity

A major event to promote creativity skills is being organized by Leeds Media featuring creativity@work’s Andy Green.


Be creative in a crisis

Demonstrating how creativity is fundamental to succesfully managing a PR crisis is creativity@work’s Andy Green who is one of the speakers at one of the country’s major confernces on the subject.


Missed opportunity?

Leeds Chamber has sold out for its latest training event – ‘You are never more than 12ft away from an opportunity’ presented by creativity@work’s Andy Green.


Dubai latest landmark for creative globetrotter

A globetrotting creativity expert has completed his travels for the year working in Dubai, having clocked up over 40,000 miles over the last 12 months.


Twixtmas is the time to get creative for busy managers

The ‘Twixtmas break’ – the period between Christmas and New Year (December 26-31) – is the most critical time of the year to recharge your creative resources according to a leading creativity expert.


Stupid Aid Tour successfully completed

After 1,460 miles visiting 14 locations around the UK Andy Green of creativity@work successfully completed his Stupid Aid tour.

More details to follow.


Campaign to overcome compound stupidity

A new campaign, ‘Stupid Aid’ is being launched to tackle what is believed to be an increase in stupidity in the world because of the pressures of modern life – and also help raise funds for Barnardo’s.


Use the Simpsons as a business inspiration plea to entrepreneurs

Companies should use the Simpsons as a creative inspiration for boosting their business performance according to a leading Yorkshire creativity expert.


Creativity expert on tour of Croatia

A UK creativity expert is Croatia bound to launch the Croatian version of his seminal book ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and will deliver talks on creative leadership in Zagreb and Rijeka.


UK tour to enable creativity to overcome stupid thinking

A one man effort to stem what he sees as the growing tide of stupid thinking in the world is being launched by leading creativity expert Andy Green of creativity@work in ambitious week-long 14 venue tour across the UK from September3rd to 7th.


Daily Telegraph shares Andy’s top creative tips

11 top creativity tips are shared by creativity@work’s Andy Green to inspire each of us to make more of their creativity.


Creativity expert on major tour of Australia

Andy Green– a leading UK creativity expert - is Australia-bound delivering a series of over 30 lectures, brainstorm sessions and public events in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane as part of a solo tour called ‘Challenge your thinking – the Australian tour’.


‘Beat Blue Monday’ – the year’s most depressing day

creativity@work is one of the inspirations behind a major effort to help people beat the year’s most depressing day - ‘Blue Monday’ on 22 January 2007 by following a 10 point plan to ‘cheer yourself up’ which includes wearing a Hawaiian shirt to work or turning your office into a beach.


Get creative for 2007

Boost your creativity skills for 2007 with a series of open training sessions delivered by creativity@work’s Andy Green for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations at venues across the UK.


Twixtmas is the time to get creative for busy managers

The ‘Twixtmas break’ – the period between Christmas and New Year – is the most critical time of the year to recharge your creative resources according to leading creativity experts.


New book shows how great creatives make things happen

A new book is aiming to redefine creative marketing communications for the 21st century and shows how personal communications and creatives can transform marketing campaigns and how great communicators make things happen.


Top award for Andy

One of the country’s most prestigious awards – the Stephen Tallents Medal has been awarded by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations to Andy Green FCIPR, Partner at creativity@work and GREEN communications,


First major event on word of mouth

How creatives can harness the power of word of mouth was highlighted in the first major conference on word of mouth communications for the public relation industry ‘Big Mouth!’ organized by creativity@work at the Dental Institute, London on Friday December 1st


Business award shortlist for Andy

creativity@works’ Andy Green was short-listed in the Wakefield Business Entrepreneur of the Year award.


How creative are you?

Creative thinking expert and trainer, Andy Green will be running three Chartered Institute of Public Relations creativity workshops this winter at the CIPR Public Relations Centre.


World’s smallest conference centre celebrates first birthday

The ‘world’s smallest conference centre’ is celebrating its first birthday by taking part in the London Design Festival and hitting the road in the London to Brighton Smartcar rally


Inspiring Wakefield event

The national conference of the Junior Chambers was held in Wakefield where delegates from all parts of the UK attended the Chamber’s Inspiration Day conference.


‘Moos of the world’ broadcast to symbolise world peace

The sound of cows from around the world are being broadcast across the Wakefield skyline in a new art installation to symbolise world peace at the Wakefield Media Centre – Britain’s only moo-ing building –and home to creativity@work.


World Cup managers reveal real lessons and strategies for business leaders

Are you a Sven, Scolari, Pekerman or a Klinsmann when it comes to your management style?


We come to blows over FA Cup Final - to mark new exhibition tribute to Bobby Moore and Bill Shankly

The FA Cup Final has brought Andy Green to blows with his colleagues.

Andy Green a West Ham fan, and Ian Green– no relation, an avid Liverpool fan and are recreating the FA Cup final - on the blow football table, to launch a new exhibition about sporting legends Bill Shankly and Bobby Moore, and to raise funds for charity.

Fans of the cup finalists Liverpool and West Ham are being invited to an all-comers blow football tournament during the lunchtime of Thursday May 11th to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition called ‘Heroes: Shankly and Moore’ at the Art of Propaganda gallery in Wakefield, part of the Wakefield Media Centre which is owned by Andy and Ian Green.

Donations raised during the event will go to the Bobby Moore cancer fund.

Local BBC broadcasters Martin Kelner, a keen Hammers fan and Shourjo Sarkar– a Reds supporter will formally launch the blow football tournament on Thursday May 11th.

Commenting on their forthcoming blow football challenge, which could be a trial run for the real game, Andy Green said: “We’re hoping West Ham will take the wind out of the sails of the mighty Liverpool” while Ian feels the Hammers hopes of victory is “just full of hot air.”

The new exhibition explores the myths and legends surrounding each of the men and what makes them sporting icons. Bill Shankly was manager of Liverpool between 1959 and 1974. Bobby Moore captained club and country to glory being the first Englishman to lift the World Cup trophy.

Why is Bill Shankly better known than more successful managers? What has helped shape the stature of Bobby Moore? Why are sporting heroes so important to us?
These questions and more will be explored in the special exhibition as part of the gallery’s programme of displays exploring how perceptions are shaped and moulded.

The exhibition highlights how Bill Shankly was a master of the soundbite – creating numerous memorable quotes. Bobby Moore in contrast had few soundbites but spoke through his actions where he is remembered for his own brand qualities and iconic images.

The display also highlights why heroes are important in our lives and explores how much we model our lives on our greatest personal role models.

The art of propaganda gallery is housed in the Wakefield Media and Creativity Centre at King Street, Wakefield. Admission is free and the display is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm from Thursday May 11th and until Friday June 2nd.

To mark the occasion the Wakefield Media centre will also be broadcasting a commemorative audio sculpture of the sounds and songs associated with the cup final teams, with the sound of Liverpool’s ‘You’ll never walk alone, ‘ and West Ham’s ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ being heard across the Wakefield skyline.

The art of propaganda gallery has already featured a range of challenging and thought-provoking exhibitions on subjects ranging from the profound, such as ‘Images of Auschwitz’ commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Nazi death camp’s liberation, through to posing questions such as ‘Does Yorkshire Exist?’ and a seasonal exhibition on the ‘Twelve Propaganda Myths of Christmas’ to the more offbeat subjects of ‘Join Me’ on how leading comedy writer Danny Wallace created a worldwide personal cult and ‘Was the Moon landing a conspiracy?’

The Wakefield Media and Creativity Centre provides a focal point for the creative and media industries for the Wakefield district, featuring exhibition and public meeting facilities, office accommodation for media industry companies, as well as acting as a catalyst for encouraging business development in the media industries sector.

The Centre is already home to leading public relations and marketing consultancy GREEN communications, internet developer eleventeenth, and Lime Brand design..

The Media Centre development has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund.


For further information please contact Abi White of the art of propaganda gallery on 0845 450 3210 or e mail


BBC radio’s Martin Kelner, an avid West Ham fan and Shourjo Sarkar– a Liverpool supporter, both in club colours, will recreate the FA Cup final - on the blow football table, to launch a new exhibition about sporting legends Bill Shankly and Bobby Moore at the Art of Propaganda gallery at the Wakefield Media Centre, 19 King Street, Wakefield WF1 2SQ at 12.30pm Thursday May 11th


Yorkshire Leadership Conference

Andy Green speaking about ‘You are never more than 12ft from an opportunity’ was one of the key note speakers at one of the North’s leading management events, the 3rd Yorkshire Leadership Conference which took place on Tuesday April 11 at the Thornes Park Centre, Wakefield College, Wakefield.


smallest conference centre at national conference

The national conference of the Junior Chambers was held in Wakefield where delegates from all parts of the UK attended the Chamber’s Inspiration Day conference.

The event featured an appearance of the ‘world’s smallest conference centre’ – a two seater car where delegates had individual consultations with creativity expert Andy Green of creativity@work.

Commenting on the conference a Junior Chamber spokesperson said: “The aim of the conference was to provide inspiration for personal development and for building up the activities of the different chambers across the country .

Wakefield Junior Chamber is part of a worldwide organisation of some 250,000 dynamic, like-minded people in over 123 countries who want to gain the most from their business and personal lives. It is a personal development organisation, benefiting the community, business and the individual. For more information log on to

Caption: Andy Green of creativity@work left, and Wendy Jay Jerome, President of JCI Wakefield in the world’s smallest conference centre


Bid to beat Blue Monday

creativity@work is urging everyone to overcome the year’s most depressing day - ‘Blue Monday’ on January 23rd to raise both a smile among the British public and valuable funds for Samaritans.‘Blue Monday’ marks the final full week of January when the combined depressive effects of the glow of Christmas fades away, New Year resolutions are broken, winter cold weather sets in, and dreaded credit card bills will be landing on the doormats across the land – while the January pay-cheque is still a week away. The syndrome was first defined by Dr. Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University.


Launch of the world’s smallest conference centre at the London Design Festival

The world’s smallest conference centre – a two-seater car – is taking to the streets of London to boost the capital’s creativity on Thursday September 29th as part of the final drive of the London Design Festival.


Lord Puttnam Formally Opens Wakefield Media Centre

Oscar-winning film producer Lord David Puttnam will mark a celebration of Wakefield’s creative renaissance by formally opening the city’s Media and Creativity Centre on Thursday September 8th


‘Brainstorming’ Is Politically Correct

The word ‘Brainstorming’ is politically correct and it is an urban myth that the word is insensitive, particularly to those with mental health problems, according to a new survey among leading mental health charities and campaign bodies


Help To Overcome The Most Depressing Day Of The Year Launched

Predictions that January 24th is the most depressing day of the year has sparked leading creativity experts to launch a counter offensive to banish the blues.


Creativity deficit identified in British businesses

Organisations are facing a ‘creative deficit’ in preparing for the future, according to a new survey.


Longest Lasting Brainstorming Appeal

Is there a David Brent-style brainstorm at your office? The search is on for Britain’s worst-run, longest lasting brainstorms.